Pitch + Niche = Rich*

Craft your pitch. Carve your Niche. Live the Rich* Life.

Are you tired of chasing ideal clients?

Do you have trouble explaining who you are and what you do in 15 Seconds?

Are you suffering from “feast or famine” with your sales? (But mainly famine!)

Do you want to stand out as a leader in your industry and carve out a niche that you can own?

Are you looking for a fun, straight-forward way to SELL without the HELL?

Do you want to get more visibility for your business by getting some key PR placements?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,

You’ve come to the right place! I can help.

Scroll down to unlock the secret to the perfect pitch.


“When I wanted to uplevel my business, I knew I needed to work with someone who could meet me where I was to take me where I wanted to go.  Laura is a genius at authentically promoting you among her stellar inner network and steering you right into the arms of the right clientele  – invaluable!

Janet Wise, MS HRD

Chief Career Strategist / Personal Brand Advisor, Founder: The Branding Room(tm) by Wise Advantages

Simply put, Laura is magic. She is guaranteed return on investment and one of the smartest business decisions I ever made was to choose to work with her. She is a force, a navigator, a trusted advisor and fully committed to the success of everyone she works with. Founder of  Explorateur Journeys, Tru Marketing and 48 Hour Power Jaunt. She also recently acquired: The Mogul Mom

Gabriella Ribeiro

Serial Entrepreneur, Explorateur Journeys, Tru Marketing & 48 Hour Power Jaunt

Hello, My name is Laura Allen and my clients call me The Pitch Girl! I help entrepreneurs craft their sales pitch and carve out a niche, so they can live a Rich life!

Laura Allen has changed the way I run and promote my business. She helps her clients come up with clever packaging and verbiage to promote what they do. It’s unbelievable the results that I’ve accomplished with just a few short sessions with her. Laura Allen is amazing, I’m grateful.

Irina Leoni

Photographer, Power Portraits

I AM a marketer and a copywriter, and my brand consists of being the most creative person around. In a very short period of time, Laura discovered two huge markets for me, and a new distribution channel that I hadn’t even thought of.

Ori Bengal

Founder, TheArtofOri.com

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