Laura Allen the Power of the Pitch


What if you could close a $5 MILLION deal from a single cold call? How could your life change?


Laura Allen - expert communications coachMy name is Laura Allen (some people call me “The Pitch Girl”). I can show you how to make a great first impression and close BIG deals through effective pitching. I once sent a three foot tall steel pyramid to Star Wars director George Lucas in a pitch that yielded $60 MILLION for my client. In 2002, I co-founded, a website dedicated to helping individuals like you create a better pitch in just 15 seconds.

My goal is to craft pitches that help you sell. My clients rely on me to boil complex ideas down to their essence.

Whether you’re a job seeker, entrepreneur or somewhere between, I can help you hone your pitch skills to land your next big deal.

- Stop "winging it" and create a strategic pitch that will actually sell.
- Give people a reason to say YES to you and your services.
- Create excellent sound-bites for TV, radio or podcasts.
- Reach more customers and get more press by being succinct in a hectic world.

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"So, tell me about your business."


In this first hour we'll talk about how and why you started your business, where you are right now and the goals you want to achieve.

A Pitch for Every Niche, Can Make You Rich!!


In this session, I'll help you find your niche - we'll define it, or create one if you don't have it yet! We'll also talk about ways you can dominate your niche and be the "go to" person in your area of expertise! Finally, I'll show you how to leverage your current network and be seen as an expert in the real world and online.

Creating and/or Refining your 15-SecondPitch


Our third session will be your chance to craft a 15-SecondPitch that you will absolutely love. We will practice your pitch so that it flows easily and sounds authentic. We'll make sure your pitch includes the four key elements every successful 15-SecondPitch must have!


Ready to get started? Work with me over three sessions for just $599 to earn more! These individualized action plans will generate results.



"Laura is a real rock star when it comes to her marketing smarts, personal insights, presentation effectiveness and the passion and energy she brings to her clients. I love to do presentations with Laura---she always makes me look better just by sharing the stage with her."
Adrian Miller

Adrian Miller

Founder Adrian Miller Sales Training and Adrian's Network
"I AM a marketer and a copywriter, and my brand consists of being the most creative person around.... So I was very hesitant to speak to "another expert," but it was a very trusted friend that recommended Laura. We spoke and she was pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable. In a very short period of time, Laura discovered two huge markets for me, and a new distribution channel that I hadn't even thought of. That is on top of getting me 1 sentence that captures the soul of my business and the attention of the people that I tell about it."
Ori Bengal

Ori Bengal

"Laura (aka The Pitch Girl) is the queen of pitching. She has this amazing ability to organize all of your ideas into a concise, powerful statement. The best part about her is she makes you feel confident about your passion and provides you with the tools to pursue it. Whether you’re making a career change, transitioning to a new role, or striving to be the CEO of a company Laura will get you there. My dream job was to work at iFLY indoor skydiving and I wanted to ensure that I was a competitive candidate for the position. Laura worked diligently with me to perfect my pitch. I landed the job and I couldn’t have done it without her! Laura makes your strengths stronger. I highly recommend her services!"
Brandon Crookshanks

Brandon Crookshanks

General Manager, iFLY Indoor Skydiving