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Laura Allen teaches six university women how to deliver an effective 15SecondPitch.

Podcast - Break the Business Interviews Laura Allen

break-the-business-podcast-with=Laura-AllenMarketing expert and 15 Second Pitch co-founder Laura Allen stops by to give tips on effective pitching. She gives concrete advice on how musicians can make strong pitches to move their careers forward.

NY1 Television interview with The Pitch Girl

NY1 Interviews the Pitch GirlOne employment expert says the difference between getting a job or not could be just 15 seconds. NY1's Employment reporter Asa Aarons filed the following report.

Communications experts say people could have as little as 15 seconds' worth of attention to convey a new idea, ask for a job or ask for a raise.

Those who think its too short to make an impact in a job interview say the need to perfect their timing.

Podcast - How to Stand out with a 15 Second Pitch – Laura Allen

marketing-to-crush-the-competitionLaura is called «The Pitch Girl». Not that she knows how to pitch a ball (well actually she might), but she’s an expert at helping individuals create a better pitch that they can say in just 15 seconds. She created a formula to help entrepreneurs get their best pitch.

4 Steps for your Best Pitch

  • Say your name
  • Say what you do
  • Say why you are the best at what you do
  • Give a call to action

Podcast - How to Pitch Yourself in 15 Seconds

broadcast-logo-broads-building-businessesLaura Allen closed a $5.5-million-dollar cold call because of her pitch! She is the founder of her business “The Pitch Girl” which teaches people how to pitch your yourself in 15 seconds or less. Laura has some fascinating stories and advice! Laura shares with us: What to include and what to leave out of a pitch “A pitch for every nitch” Business plan or no business plan?

NY Times - Blogger, Meet Small Business Owner

NY Times Article - Shifting CareersI left the conference with a large stack of business cards, few of which meant anything to me when I got back to my office. One exception is the business card that Laura Allen handed me. She is a co-founder, a consulting firm that helps people work on their pitches. And since her own pitch (and her photo) is printed on her card, she made sure I’d never forget what she did.

Associated Press - Laura Allen Interview

Associated Press interviews Laura AllenIn their efforts to vet applicants, some companies and government agencies are going beyond merely glancing at a person's social networking profiles and instead asking to log in as the user to have a look around. - Interview-ready at a moments noticeBe prepared to market yourself "even if -- especially if -- you already have a job, because that's when you are most attractive to hiring managers," said Laura Allen, founder of, her business of helping jobseekers and entrepreneurs hone their pitches. "Choose a niche that you can be known for: best at Excel, best at closing deals, best at understanding the complexities of real estate. Always have that niche and that pitch in mind."

TV Star Maker interviews Laura Allen

TV Star Mkaer interviews Laura AllenIn this episode of The TV Star Maker, Marta Tracy interviews Laura Allen, the founder of about the 4 crucial steps of creating your pitch.

Adweek Article: Careers - Sell Yourself Short

Adweek Article - Sell Yourself Short"You'd think marketing specialists would find it easy to marke themselves," says Laura Allen, a former account supervisor at Moody Communications in New York who is now a career consultant. "But many need help to focus themselves and are embarrased to admit it."
Allen, who launched last year to advise people how to craft a quick intoduction, says most pitches are too generic - such as "I was a creative director" - or too jam-packed with specific information.  Highlight a specific accomplishment that will pique the target's interest, she says.