Laura Allen is no wallflower! Check out her latest media exploits!

Pitch Perfect in 15-Seconds!

You’re in an elevator with your potential dream client. You have 15-seconds to make a lasting impression. Are you ready?

Apply to join my Facebook group “The Power of the 15-SecondPitch” where you and your peers can come together to improve your pitch together. (Led by yours truly, of course.)

Podcast: Gabriella Ribeiro interviews Laura

Meet The Pitch Girl, Laura Allen!

Laura Allen is phenomenal. She can teach anyone to pitch themselves in just 15 seconds. She is brilliantly creative and has helped countless clients UPLEVEL their businesses. She’s recently been bitten by the travel bug so join us as she takes us through her recent journeys and tells us about her biggest takeaways.

Before and After

Check out the video where Laura Allen teaches six university women how to deliver an effective 15-SecondPitch.

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